Thursday, November 21

DIY Pajama Sets (And we've got some catching up to do...)

Hi everyone! It's been awhile! How ya been?
Over here we've kept busy. But now both of my girls are in school and I will have some time to start blogging again! Yay!

   Want to know something funny? That was the intro I wrote to a post 2 MONTHS ago! So much for time to blog. J Somehow things get so busy that there just isn't time or energy for posting anything....or my husband has dibs on the laptop. :) 

     But anyway, can you believe the year is almost over?? Me neither! Everyone is another year older, both girls have started another year at their respective schools, we got our fill of fried foods at the State Fair, Halloween has come and gone, and now our attention is on Thanksgiving.

      Sadly, I haven't done much cooking-for-a-blog-post lately. There definitely hasn't been a lack of kitchen time though. (Did you know that the people in this house expect dinner EVERY night?!? sheesh! ;) )

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