Monday, October 8

Hot Air Balloon Festival Coming Up & Experiments too!

Coming up this month is the annual Carolina BalloonFest. I am super excited about catching it this year! Last year, by the time I remembered it, the festival had already passed. So I wrote it down on my calendar way ahead of time and I’ve been highly anticipating that weekend!
What is the Carolina BalloonFest?

The website says: “Join us for a fun-filled weekend of family entertainment with outstanding attractions. Bring lawn chairs and blankets (pets & coolers are not permitted) to bask in the beautiful Carolina autumn weather as the backdrop to all the sights & sounds of colorful hot air balloons.” The BalloonFest even made the Weather Channel’s Top 10 FantasticFall Festivals list!

Over the course of the weekend, they will have: 50 Hot Air Balloons, Mass Ascensions, a stage with live entertainment, a Balloon Glow, a competition, Hot Air Balloon Rides, Tethered Balloon Rides, All-Day Festivities, a Kids Zone, a history about hot air balloons, Tastes of NC Wines & Brews, Artisan Village & MarketPlace, Fine Arts & Crafts, an Eat Street, and a Beer Tent.

Sunday, October 7

A Date with My Daughter

Last week, my 3 year old and I took a nature walk together. It was a wonderful experience reminding me to take the time to really see everything instead of rushing past focused on a task. I was also able to connect with my daughter, which was the most precious thing.

With that connection in mind, I wanted to spend some time – really spend time – with my 6 year old. The following Saturday my daughter and I went out for a “date”. I knew I was doing a good thing because when I told her about our planned date for the weekend, her eyes lit up and she threw her arms around me. This became the thing she talked about most for the rest of the week. J

Photo from Paint Your Pot 
For the date, I wanted to find something to do that she would enjoy but that wouldn’t break the bank. (We are on a tight budget after all.) The popular choices are outdoor activities, but with Saturday being stormy, I had to come up with something else. It didn’t take too long to come up with a brilliant idea. Kyleigh is a creative child who loves drawing and painting and decorating and singing and playing pretend and all sorts of crafting. Why not find a date that speaks to her creativity? There is a place nearby that allows you to walk in, choose from a very large selection of unpainted ceramic bisque pieces, bring it back to the table and begin painting it. When you are finished painting, they clean everything up and glaze and fire it for you and you return to the store 3 to 5 days later to pick up your finished piece. This place is perfect for us! J

Saturday, October 6

Mom On a Mission -- Dinner Updates

 Time for some dinner updates! :)

Monday 9/24 -- As all Mondays are, it was Mexican night! :)

Tuesday 9/25 -- Creamy Homemade Mac & Cheese w/ Hot Dogs (recipe follows)

Wednesday 9/26 -- Spaghetti with tomato sauce & butter and cheese

Thursday 9/27 -- Chicken Fried Rice (recipe follows)

Friday 9/28 -- Pizza and a movie!

Saturday 9/29 -- Leftovers

Sunday 9/30 -- Sunday Chili


Creamy Homemade Mac & Cheese with Hot Dogs

Part II of Transforming a Goodwill Dresser

Last time I posted about this little dresser from Goodwill, I left off at having spray-painted the dresser. But I hadn't gotten to the handles.

I laid out a bunch of newspapers on the table so that Thing 2 and I could decorate the dresser pulls. We started by taking the pulls apart and swabbing them off with rubbing alcohol to get all the dirt off. Then we each coated a pull in a nice layer of mod podge.

Thursday, October 4

Handkerchief Dolls Craft

Here's an activity that I did with my girls at the end of July. I took all the pictures while we were doing it together, I just never got the time to post about it. 

My girls at the time were 3 years old and 5 years old. Both of them were able to do the activity and still sleep with their dolls. :) 

     This would be a great stuck-indoors-day activity. Or even a good sick-day activity since it gives the little ones something to do without getting themselves overtired. And then they have something to cuddle up with after.

Handkerchief Dolls

To get started:
- a handkerchief or square piece of fabric
- small styrofoam ball or tennis ball
- 3 or 5 rubber bands
- ribbon
- fabric paint and/or sharpies
- glue
- different colored yarns cut into pieces for hair

Wednesday, October 3

At least Wednesday is over...

Oh goodness, where do I start? Ever feel like you have a week where everything just starts coming at you from all sides and you are just waiting for it all to stop raining down on you? We may not have really bad, but it’s been rough. And guess what! It’s only Tuesday. Haha

Ya know how times are tight for everyone? Yea, things are tight for us too. So there’s always that in the back of my mind…especially since I’m the one that does the household budget. And my husband told me last week that he worries about his car making it to and from work. (He’s had this thing since before we met.) I know it’s old and literally falling apart, but I didn’t know he worried about the car’s ability – or inability rather – to get my hubby to work and back. So now we’ve got that to worry about, too.

We seemed to be busy all weekend. It seems like within the last few months, our weekends are no longer about relaxing and resting up from our weeks but seeing how much we can do while we are all home. So Sunday night rolls around and I’m starting to get ready for bed around 11…which for me these days is early a decent time. Then Abby started crying so Nate went to check out what was wrong and I followed. She was softly crying in her sleep and couldn’t really be consoled. While not pleasant, this isn’t unheard of but then she started scratching at her knee. Really scratching. When I reached out to caress her to comfort her a bit, I found that her knee felt really bumpy. And I’m not talking impressions from the blankets and pajamas bumpy. We brought her into the living room where it was brighter and found her little legs were red and covered with light bumps. And so were her arms. And patches on her belly.  I really could keep going with this story and tell about frantically calling my mom at midnight on a Sunday (she’s a nurse and the first person I call whenever anything happens) or my hour-long adventure at one o’clock in the morning on a Sunday night to find somewhere open 24 hours where I could buy children’s benedryl. (Yea, I know, shame on me for not having it on hand already.) Nate and I slept sitting on the couch that night with Abby stretched out between us so that we would know if anything more serious happened. (Both my mom and the pharmacist at the 24 hour Walgreens warned of the possibilities of her airways closing up and need to go to the ER in that event since we didn’t know what in the world was going on.) Our pediatrician holds walk-in appointments first thing in the mornings Monday through Friday so we were there by 8 o’clock Monday morning to get an appointment. The doc’s best guess was hives. So we’ve been keeping an eye on Little Abby and her itchy bumps that come and go. L They go away, then come back – just not as bad as initially.

Then Nate had to go to his already scheduled doctor appointment while I ran Kyleigh to school. We had scheduled a Parent/Teacher conference for Monday afternoon, but the teacher had to cancel. But Nate came home early anyways because Abby’s bumps had come back pretty bad. But we’ve been doing ok now that we are expecting it. (The doc said with hives this could go on for a couple weeks. This is my excited face. K )

And now it’s Tuesday. We were doing alright. More bumps, but we were expecting them so not as scary. Then it was dinnertime. And Kyleigh thought she found a pee spot in the girls’ hallway. I went to check it out. Nope. Not pee. No, it was something sooooooooooooo much more fun!! The air conditioner was leaking again and flooding their hallway! Let me show you my excited face! K You see I said ‘again’, right? Well our a/c has done that before. Followed by our hot water heater completely flooding our bedroom. Oh yes, flooded. As in move all yo’ stuff out the way!

Anyway, it’s Wednesday evening now and we think the air conditioner problem is fixed but they can’t call the carpet guys to come out until maybe Thursday – Friday at the latest. Our living room is upside down and we’ve got two loud industrial carpet drying fans running. But at least it’s looking like I’ll be asleep before midnight tonight! Haha Last night Nate’s parents were sweet enough to let us crash there. The girls and I didn’t get there until 10 o’clock and Nate followed about an hour later. Tonight we are back at our place since the water won’t be freely flowing into the apartment all night.

So as you can see, we have been a little crazy around here and I haven’t been able to post anything. And forget taking pictures of anything! I would say I’m looking forward to the weekend, but we have one regularly scheduled soccer game Saturday with a make-up game on Sunday (from a rain out last weekend) along with whatever else we have going on or want to get done.

Let’s just hope that nothing hits us in the next few days….my nerves won’t be able to stand it. J I will try and post about some stuff I’ve done with the girls and never got around to writing about. J
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