Saturday, October 6

Part II of Transforming a Goodwill Dresser

Last time I posted about this little dresser from Goodwill, I left off at having spray-painted the dresser. But I hadn't gotten to the handles.

I laid out a bunch of newspapers on the table so that Thing 2 and I could decorate the dresser pulls. We started by taking the pulls apart and swabbing them off with rubbing alcohol to get all the dirt off. Then we each coated a pull in a nice layer of mod podge.

Then I sprinkled on a layer of purple glitter. Tap off the excess and set it aside to dry.

Tap off the excess and set aside.

Once we had gone through all 8 parts of the pulls, I went back to the first one and added another layer of mod podge. Then I topped it with another layer of purple glitter. Tap off the excess and set it aside.
Second layer of mod podge before second layer of glitter.

We let these dry overnight to ensure that all the layers are dry. The next day, I took some of my nailpolish to coat the pulls and act as a sealant. I used 3 different glitter nailpolishes and one clear.
Coating the first one with a pink glitter nailpolish.
Painted the ends with a darker pink glitter polish.
Painted the fourth with the clear polish.
All 4 painted with different nail polishes and drying.
 The other part of the pulls were simply coated with the clear nail polish. They were all given plenty of time to dry and then reassembled.
After reassembling the dresser drawer pulls, it was time to screw them back onto the drawers.
Abby loves her dresser!

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