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Hi! Welcome to Cookin' By The Seat of My Pants! 

"Food is just a different medium and the plate is my canvas." 

    It wasn't until I became a wife and a mother that I discovered what my passion in life is: playing with food! I'm not classically trained in any way or taking any classes at a community center. I watched my mom cook while I was growing up, I'm an avid watcher of the FoodNetwork channel (thanks to the hubby), and I read- a lot. I don't mean I follow recipes, I read about techniques and the science behind baking. I do checkout cookbooks from the library, and I used to copy some recipes and shove them into a notebook where they would collect dust, long forgotten. Nowadays, I like to flip through cookbooks and see if I find anything interesting. I usually use those finds as a spring board to see where it takes me. Since I don't follow recipes, when I'm baking or cooking it's usually "by the seat of my pants".
    I am an artist. Nothing formal or elaborate, but I enjoy creating. I love to draw and paint and put together scrapbooks. I love working with my hands. Putting time and energy and love into a project and then seeing the finished product gives me such joy and feeling of accomplishment. I use this approach when I'm in the kitchen. Food is just a different medium and the plate is my canvas.

About Me
    On a more personal note, I'm a young twenty-something who is lucky enough to get to stay home with my two girls.
     My oldest is four years old and very spirited. Whatever she chooses to do in her life, I know she will be spectacular at it. She is in her second year of preschool. Next year she starts kindergarten...where does the time go??

    My baby is sixteen months old and is constantly on the go. She is always happy and her laugh is golden. She loves to dance and is very proud of herself with each new word she masters.

    We recently had a new addition to our family-- Peanut! Peanut is a four month old brindle boxer-mix who is as sweet as can be. She brings me such joy and has been instrumental in helping me cope with losing my mom's ten year old boxer recently.

    Each day is a new adventure, and to get to know us a little better, feel free to follow us at my blog.

About My Page
    Unless otherwise noted, these recipes are my own. I enjoy the fact that I can go into the kitchen with only the idea of ingredients I want to use and create something wonderful all "by the seat of my pants". The same can be said for the pictures. The pictures on my blog have been taken by myself, though there are a couple courtesy of my mom. I have a very modest camera with limited settings and I am learning how to take good pictures of my foods. Thank you for bearing with me through my learning curve!
    I am excited to have a blog to share my adventures into the culinary world! I love making people happy with food and I truly hope that you try, and enjoy, at least some of the recipes I've created. Please feel free to share, but please remember to give credit where credit is due-- I've worked very hard on these...some of the sweet recipes have taken me quite awhile to perfect. 

    I hope you have fun looking around! Make sure you "follow" me on my adventures to keep up with what I'm whipping up in the kitchen. You never know, it might be your next adventure too!
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