Gettin' Crafty

DIY #1: Homework Message Center 

      After finding the idea on Pinterest, I made my own message center for my girls to help keep appointments, club meetings, parties, etc, from falling through the cracks of busy schedules. This works great and if you find the stuff on sale, it doesn't cost much at all to put together!

DIY #2: Brighten Up Car Headlights

Use toothpaste on a cloth. Run it on in little circles then rinse off.

DIY #3: Dora Sundress

I found the perfect material for making a sundress at Joann fabric store! I sewed it up by hand and sewed on the ribbon straps. It was a quick project that I was able to (mostly) get done in one night. And it was a big hit when I finished it. :)

DIY #4: Glo-Stick Bathtime
Another idea I found on Pinterest that had to be done. :)

     Target sells packs of 15 glo-sticks in their Dollar Deals section from time to time. One of the last time I saw the $1 glo-stick packs, I bought one. Then we ran the girls a bubble bath that night and cracked half of the pack. We tossed the sticks in the bath tub then turned out the lights. It was seriously fun. :)

DIY #5: Book Nook

     Abby grew out of her crib sometime ago and so we've had a useless crib sitting in the playroom that just kept having stuff thrown on it. It was just wasted space in a small apartment that can't afford wasted space. I found a really neat idea for Repurposing A Drop-Side Crib on Pinterest. But I didn't have the money to spend to turn it into a desk. So using what I had around the house, I went a different way.

DIY #6: Make Your Own Party Decor -- The Very Hungry Caterpillar

I needed a way to have bottles of water and juice boxes readily available to my party guests and keep them cold at the same time. I went to the dollar store with the intent of getting some small styrofoam coolers to paint...however, the coolers were too tall and not as wide as I needed. I improvised and bought some white bowls that were a good depth and had a really wide top. I brought them home and painted the rims to match the dots from 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' story.

After the dots the dry, on one bowl I painted the sun from the story. On the other bowl I painted the caterpillar. They make great decorations on the table while being useful.

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