Friday, September 2

Friday's Pizza & a Movie Night

    After last week's lack of planning for Pizza & a Movie Night, I wanted to make sure I was prepared for this week. Since I seem to run short on time some nights (with Kyleigh being in school and all) I figured this was a great reason to try out Trader Joe's ready-to-bake pizza doughs. 

    They have a white crust and a whole wheat crust--I picked up two whole wheat doughs. Abby and I did pretty good walking around Trader Joe's without flinging too much into the cart. :) We did decide to pick up some cheese--as we really didn't have any at home. 

    The first thing we picked up, since Abby pointed it out, was cave-aged Gruyere. 

    Yea, this seems pretty random for a 2-year-old to point out. 

    I completely agree. 

    But I'll let ya in on her reasoning--it was pink. Yes, pink cheese. 

    You'd think it was a lock to make it in our cart. But as I kept scanning the cheese fridge, I found something a little more enticing: smoked Gouda. I also picked up some crumbled Feta, which happens to be my absolute favorite cheese. At home I also had black olives, green olives, fresh mushrooms (at Kyleigh's request if you can believe it), fresh minced garlic, fresh chopped purple bell peppers, fresh chopped white bell peppers, and sliced fresh grape tomatoes. If your mouth isn't watering by now, it should be. :)

    So I had picked up two ready-to-bake packages of whole wheat pizza crust for all four of us. One got divided into two unequal parts for the girls' pizzas--the reason being so they could top their own pizzas themselves. 
Kyleigh's Pizza
Abby's Pizza

Then Nate and I shared the second. 

 You can tell which half is mine. haha

Let's break it down.

    I know I usually make a fun dessert, but somehow making the pizzas took way longer than had I made the pizza dough on my own. Go figure.

    The movie of the week? Nate recorded a movie for the girls on our DVR earlier this week. Anyone ever seen 'Hoodwinked'? It's a super cute movie and I definitely recommend it. My favorites are probably the 'Fletch' references. (You remember 'Fletch' and 'Fletch Lives' don't you? With Chevy Chase? Okay, well, if not, that's something for another time.) It's like a spoof off of a lot of popular grown-up movies with a fun story-line of its own. You should check it out.

    So I didn't have any spare time for dessert. But there were no complaints coming from the living room. I mean, seriously, who doesn't love Oreos?? And it also works for me that we rarely have Oreos in the house--so it is quite a treat when they can be found in our pantry. 

    Cupcakes are coming soon! I promise!!

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  1. I love pizza night! My husband and I use to have them every Friday but life has just gotten too busy! Thanks for reminding me to get planning. Also, really really funny about the cheese. My niece is the same way. If its pink or purple, its in the cart!


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