Wednesday, May 23

Thank You Cards to Espresso Thanks -- Teacher Appreciation Week

     For Wednesday, the kids were asked to bring in cards made by them to say 'thanks' to the teachers. Yesterday, Kyleigh found out her teachers' favorite colors. Those were the colors Kyleigh started with to make the cards. :)

     I don't have a lot to post about today because it was all Kyleigh. She loves to make cards and pictures for everyone and she is so good at it, that today I gave total control over to her. :)

     While she worked on both of her cards, I made little tags for the tins of dark chocolate covered espresso beans. I used fun-colored cardstock, decorative scissors, a black permanent marker, mod podge, and ribbon (with a ruler design).

     After cutting out the six circles, glue the medium-sized and smallest circles to the biggest circle (with the decorative edging). Then use the marker to write "We just want to ESPRESSO our thanks! From, [your child's name]". For another added personal touch, let the kiddos write their own names!

     Tie the ribbon around the tin. Give the back of the tag a nice layer of mod podge and smoosh it onto the top of the tin and ribbon. To get the tag to actually stick to both, the whole thing needs to be squished in between a table (or hard surface) and some heavy books. Let it sit for a few hours, and then it will look fantastic!

     Kyleigh's Garden Club teacher (which meets on Wednesdays) wasn't forgotten. We picked up gardening gloves and a gardening shovel at the store yesterday. I tied the gloves to the back of the shovel with a pretty pink flowery ribbon.

     I grabbed a brown sheet and a green sheet of the girls' construction paper. Then draw out a flower pot on the brown paper and some grass on the green. Cut 'em out. Glue the green grass onto the flower pot, then write a message on the pot. "Thanks for "digging in" to help Kyleigh discover her love for gardening!" Punch a hole in one corner and then, to give it a little more stability, give the front and back of the tag a coat of mod podge and let it dry.

Once the tag is dry, string the ribbon through the hole and tie it up into a bow. And you're done! :)

And you've got a cute gift for the Garden Club teacher!

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