Thursday, August 9

Bear with me...

     Okay, so bear with me. I know I've changed the name of this blog a few times already. It started out being called 'Cookin' By The Seat of My Pants' and most recently being titled 'Home Made Sunshine'. None of the names ever seemed to really fit me or the blog and they weren't inspiring to me...hence all the name changes.

     I was laying with my little one for naptime the other day. To keep from falling asleep (because my oldest is home on track-out) I think about stuff. While I was laying there thinking about stuff that needed to be done and whatnot, I thought to myself "I sure am living the mom life". And there it was!! The perfect name for my blog! The Mom Life!

     So I'm coming up with a new header picture for the new name. Coming soon!!!

The Mom Life!!! :)

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