Thursday, September 13

On a beautiful fall morning...

I'm sitting here wanting to post something, but what? We've been so busy the last couple of months that I wonder if I should start there. Or do I just pick up from now? Maybe I should post something about food...I mean, it has been awhile. :( Or it could be about how I have a storage problem to tackle in the apartment and I want to impress my husband with my thrifty skills and blow him away by how inexpensive it will be but how efficient!

Hmm...let's start with my morning. I drove Thing1 to school because these buses have become so unreliable this year. It's maddening! Then Thing2 and I dropped a TON of books off at the library. We got caught up in picking out more books that we were in danger of her being late to school....but she HAD to find the Dora books before we could leave. :) After finding some Dora, we took the 90 second drive to her school. In the span of this 90 seconds, she told me that she was going to "ask for one more thing" (meaning one more kiss and hug) when we got there. I'm not opposed to extra lovin' from my kids, so I said ok. Then she dropped a bomb on me. She told me she was going to cry at school today. I am so crazy about my kids that I almost turned the car around and went home. But I was good and I dropped Thing2 off at preschool...after reassuring her that she was going to have a fabulous day at school. But as I was going to leave after her giving more "one more thing" (hugs and kisses) she held on to my leg. This may be common for other parents, but not my kids. They usually run off and I have to remind them I need kisses and hugs. But today, she asked for more hugs and kisses and then clung to my leg. :( After telling me this morning that she didn't want to go to school and she wanted to stay home with me. *sigh* This is my baby and I would give anything to freeze time so that she could stay this little forever....if you met her, you'd understand...she is pure sunshine. But I know she is going to have a great day today and she'll be all smiles when I pick her up. Let's take a second to look at her pictures from her first day -- she was so excited!!!

She went right in after hanging up her bag..we had to ask for hugs. :)

And now, here I sit. Not very exciting, I know. But I wanted y'all to know I haven't forgotten about the blog, we've just been keeping busy. Usually by the end of the day after the kids are tucked in for the millionth time, I just don't have it in me to break out the laptop. I actually prop my feet up on my husband's lap, maybe with some ice cream, and zone out while watching tv. Thing1 started school back up in July and then soccer through a city league followed shortly after. Then we had an awesome family beach vacation and then Thing 2 started school. Oh! And we can't forget about the soccer practices during the week and carpooling to make sure Thing1 gets home before 5 pm (no joke) so we can make it to the 6 pm practices and have time for dinner and homework and woah! We've been a little busy. :) But with Thing2 in school a couple mornings a week, I hope to be blogging a little more....when I'm not volunteering at one of the two schools. haha

Here's to more posts coming soon!!

Is it any wonder why I love doing what I do???

Kyleigh on her first day of preschool. (2009)
Abby on her first day of preschool. (2012)

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