Wednesday, October 13

Fall Chicken

Nice comfort food using chicken, apples, tomatoes, and “warming” spices. 

3 boneless, skinless chicken breasts (fresh or frozen)
1-2 eggs
panko bread crumbs
apple cider vinegar
salt and pepper
1 large, fresh tomato
1 apple
ground allspice
ground ginger
dried basil
kosher salt
vegetable oil (olive oil would probably be better)

   Place a large pan (one that has a lid that fits on it) over medium-high heat with the vinegar and oil drizzled in the bottom. In one shallow dish, beat the egg with a splash of the vinegar. In a second shallow dish, add about a cup (might need more depending on how large the chicken breasts are) of the bread crumbs, salt and pepper. Set these close to the pan to avoid some mess. Coat chicken in the egg wash, followed by coating it in the bread crumbs then place it in the pan. Do this with all the breasts. Cover. Clean work area and wash hands.
   Slice apple into wedges (leaving skin on) and remove seeds. Then cut into chunks and toss in the pan with the chicken. Dice up tomato and also place in the pan. If it looks like it might be getting dry, pour in a little of the oil. For a little more flavor, if you have wine on hand, I added some at this point. At this point, add the seasonings. Don't be afraid if it seems you are being "heavy handed" with the spices because it all comes together well and it will be quite flavorful. Making sure to get some over everything, sprinkle in about 1 tsp ground allspice, about 1/2 tsp ground ginger, a little more than 1 tsp basil, and some more kosher salt. Cover. When the chicken starts looking golden brown, turn it over and make sure to give the rest of the pan a stir. The chicken is done when juices run clear when cut.

I served mine over a bed of white and brown rice that cooked in my rice cooker while I was doing everything else.

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