Monday, October 18

Hello Again Old Friend

Over the last five nights, I have only been in my kitchen to make dinner once! That is so unusual. Not stressing about dinner was nice, but I'm ready to get re-acquainted with my kitchen. So what's the plan? My daughter is ready to get baking as well, so I'm thinking a quick bread. I have fresh zucchini, from the Farmer's Market of course, as well as fresh pumpkin, also from the FM, awaiting me. But I was thinking going in a whole different direction. A loaf of gingerbread. There are two recipes I found in A Love Affair with Southern Cooking that I may give a whirl, or who knows.
Jean Anderson Cooks
Choice #1: Moravian Gingerbread, makes a 13x9x2-inch cake
Choice #2: Old Virginia Gingerbread, makes 12 servings


  1. Oh, I LOVE meatloaf. It's one of my faorite fall/winter foods. I started making a version that are made in cupcake tins-- so you get little individual meatloaves. Your post today reminded me of that recipe. I need to make it now that the weather is cooling off. Where are you located, just out of curiosity? I saw your "Southern Cooking" post. I am in South Carolina.

  2. I love the cupcake tins idea! I'll have to try that next might be cute enough to get my girls to try it. :) I'm in North Carolina. :) I actually used to live in South Carolina when I was little, Myrtle Beach to be more exact.


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