Monday, November 8

Monday-- Taking a Look at the Week Ahead

    I was sitting here thinking about planning out the meals for the week ahead. It's been quite some time since I last planned out meals. It used to be a regular thing where I would plan out two weeks worth of meals, do the shopping for said meals, and that would be that. When I felt like I was getting in a funk with dinners, I'd look in my notebook full of recipes and check out lots of cookbooks from the library. I've since started watching Food Network, Rachael Ray, and such. I like going into the kitchen at five o'clock armed not with a recipe, but simply with an idea-- an idea of what I want to include in the dinner. So when I sat down to try and do some planning, I decided to do it a little different. I've decided to simply map out what to use each day, instead of recipes to use.
    Monday - What will transpire? 

    A Look Ahead
Texas toast for stuffed french toast!

What do you do when it comes to dinner planning? Or is there any planning at all?

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