Wednesday, March 16

Kreativity in the Kitchen

    I had to go to Target today. While I was there, I had some groceries that I needed to pick up. I had to run down the baking aisle since I'm almost out of confectioners' sugar--that'll happen when you are making frostings for cupcakes. :) On the baking aisle, I found an array of gluten-free baking ingredients. How did I not see these before? There are all sorts of specialty flours and mixes, I was overwhelmed...and super excited. For starters, I settled on a gluten-free all-purpose baking 'flour'. I also picked up a package of organic sugar. 

    Now I have the task of baking with these. What to make? In addition to the fun new ingredients I put in my cart, I also picked up some Irish beer given that tomorrow is St Patrick's Day. But see, I don't drink beer. So the Guinness and Killian's I bought are for some sweet treats. 

Sound weird? 

I know, the hubby had the same reaction.

But I like thinking a little outside the box. It's fun to use things in a way other than the intended purpose. 

    I'm going to have to stop in the middle of this post -- one of my girls decided today is a No Nap Day. :)

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