Wednesday, March 23

Kyleigh's Cookies!

    Books-A-Million stores around this area are closing up. So we went to check out what kind of bargains we could find. One of the things I found was a cookbook for Kyleigh. Sesame Street's Yummy Cookies Kids Cookbook Baking with Kids. I thought it'd be fun for Kyleigh to have her own cookbook and she was thrilled to get it. I think the biggest issue for her was deciding what to make first. :)

Sesame Street Yummy Cookies: Baking with Kids

     At Kyleigh's preschool they had a special thing for dads Monday morning. As a special dessert, they had M&M cookies for the dads and kids. Kyleigh enjoyed the cookie so much that she wanted to make some when they got home. Luckily, 'Yummy Cookies' has an M&M cookie recipe. Who knew? :) So that is the first thing she made out of her own cookbook.

     She was very excited and proud of herself. :)

    After Kyleigh whisked together the flour and baking soda, we got the mixer bowl out. In went a stick of butter, 1/2 cup of granulated sugar, and 1/2 cup dark brown sugar. Then they were creamed together.

    After they were creamed and we added in the rest of the ingredients, it was time to add the flour in gradually. As you can see, Kyleigh was concentrating hard on adding in the flour. :) It was very cute.  

    Kyleigh was enjoying mixing up the dough. In this picture, she was talking while she was adding the flour. It reminded me of watching a show on Food Network -- star quality. ;) 

    Here are the cookies with the recipe. Kyleigh loved them! 

C is for cookie, that's good enough for me.
C is for cookie, that's good enough for me.
Oh! Cookie, cookie, cookie starts with 'C'!

Yumm!! :)

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