Thursday, March 10

Let The Madness....Begin!!

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    Conference Tournaments started today. Ahh, I love this time of year! It is hard to live here in North Carolina and not be bitten by March madness eventually. (Seriously, just think of all the colleges in this area alone.) And then I married a man whose family is from New York and loves Syracuse and pulls for them to go all the way in the Tourney. 
    I honestly can't explain why I love all the basketball on. I love having the television on all day, starting at noon, tuned to nothing but basketball. I prefer to watch games with an ACC team playing, obviously, but I also enjoy watching 'Cuse play. I love the excitement that comes with each and every game. I am addicted to filling out the brackets and then pulling for the teams I've picked. I get so excited when one of my teams win--even if they are a top 5 team playing a lower ranked game and were predicted to win anyway. Maybe because I love sports and this is competition non-stop, in your face at its best. (Oh yea, I should probably through in that I hate pro-basketball and can't stand all the baseball when it comes time for that. I like college sports and pro-football.) 
    Nate is taking next Thursday and Friday off of work to finally be home to watch the beginnings of the NCAA Tournament. Probably the first time he has had a chance to watch since college. I'm excited about this for him because he loves March Madness more than I do--he is actually the one that got me hooked. Which brings me to the reason for this post, besides getting to go on and on and on about college basketball--what kind of finger foods should I make next weekend for Nate? Footballs are made of pigskins and thus my piggie cookies for the superbowl. And there isn't this kind of back-to-back-to-back games in football, which makes it easier to think of food based on the cities where the teams are from. Any thoughts? I'll probably cook up my usual pigs-in-a-blanket because Nate loves them so much. But what else? I like being creative with food and so I'd like something that let's me have fun with it.

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