Sunday, July 17

Baby Abby's 2nd Birthday: Part 2--The Party

Saturday has arrived! Party Day! 

You've seen what I was doing Friday night and Saturday morning.

So what was going on in the rest of the house?

Since you asked, I'll show you.

We all pitched in to clean, but it was Nate and the girls who were in charge of decorating.

The Dora balloon we picked up at Party City was nearly bigger than Abby!

Nate and the girls found a good place for Dora in the dining room.

I think the dining room came together well with all the balloons and streamers.

 Taking a picture from the foyer. I love how Nate wrapped the streamers around the columns. A nice welcome into the apartment.

 Dora and Boots swingin' in!

 The decorators themselves eagerly awaiting the guests.

Nate had to finish getting ready after decorating. ;)

I was decorating the cake and Nate and Kyleigh were decorating the apartment. What was the guest of honor doing?
About 30 minutes before the guests were supposed to start arriving, she fell asleep on the couch. :)

 Daddy helping the birthday girl open her gifts and say her 'thank yous'.

After presents, it was time for cake! Couldn't forget the number 2 candle, Dora and Boots candle, and a couple swirly candles--just for good measure. Abigail had been practicing blowing out candles after all. (No kidding.) We couldn't let all the hardwork fall by the wayside. :)

 Once the singing had finished, it was time for Abby to blow out her candles.

And the cake was served.
Let them eat cake!

I'm glad to say that everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, including the birthday girl. It's nice to have friends and family around to celebrate special occasions. We are quite lucky.

And now, it's time to turn our attention to start planning Kyleigh's 5th Birthday.

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