Friday, July 22

A Different Kind of Movie Night

Let's pick up where I left off--waiting for Kyleigh at the bus stop. Remember how I said it was oppressively hot? I totally have proof now! 

Yep, that's right. The thermometer in my car on the dashboard reads 107 degrees Fahrenheit. Like I said, oppressively hot.

And I decided to take a picture of my solar-powered dancing flower on my dashboard. :)

Anyhow, after Kyleigh got off the bus we headed out to Target. Note to self: Never EVER go to the store after Kyleigh gets home from school again. Both girls are just too tired and cranky after their days and they need snacks before I start making dinner.Okay, note over.

We had a change of plans due to the fact that time got away from us when we got home. Kyleigh and I put the finishing touches on her chart. (Not so much a chore chart as it is a reminder of what she needs to do each day--she has a little trouble focusing.) 

And then Nate walked in the door! At 6 o'clock on a Friday. That is unheard of!!! 

We decided to do something quick for dinner and then we wanted to go to the liquor store for ingredients to make butterbeer. :)

In addition to picking up the rum and butterscotch schnapps, we found 2 new awesome things: Hpnotiq Harmonie and Chambord flavored vodka. Yummy!!! (The Hpnotiq was of utmost excitement because I LOVE the original Hpnotiq--the only thing i enjoy drinking straight.)

Once we got the girls to bed, it was time for Nate and I to hang out. 

First, Nate searched on Food Buzz for a recipe for Butterbeer. He found one courtesy of Beantown Baker. Instead of using toffee bits, we added butterscotch schnapps and a tablespoon of butterscotch chips.

We got what we needed together. And Nate and I did it together. :)

He was so careful and precise measuring everything out--right down to the 1/16 teaspoon. It was a little different than how I usually work. :) But I definitely enjoyed doing things together.

 Nate doesn't spend a whole lot of time in the kitchen, let alone using the mixer. So it took him a try or two to get the bowl locked in place. :)

 Nate mixing everything together after adding the hot water.

And while Nate works on the drinks, I need to work on the foam topping.

I'm finishing up the foam, and Nate is serving up the butterbeers.

Let's top 'em with foam!

While these look good, the butterbeers served up in the movies have a nice foamy layer, not dollops of foam floating around. So we needed to fix this. I grabbed my small whisk, stuck it in the mugs, and twirled it between two hands to create a nice frothy foam layer.

Mmmmm a nice warm mug of butterbeer while we watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One. It was definitely and enjoyable movie and adult-style butterbeer.

As for opinions on the recipe, if you are making this according to Beantown Baker's recipe, be wary of the times when making the foam. It took me two tries to get it right. I think she may have been whisking the heavy cream by hand while I was using my stand mixer. I also think it needs a fizzy element--I saw some recipes call for cream soda. It is called beer and beers are carbonated...from what I hear, I really wouldn't know 'cause I think they are not good. haha When I make this again, I am definitely going to ease up a bit on the ground cloves--cloves are a potent spice and should be used with a light hand. 

Hope y'all enjoy!!


  1. We are definitely Harry Potter fans in this house! :) I love that you made Butterbeer. I've seen a lot of people making it since the finale came out! I haven't tried making it because it's so hot that I do not want anything hot to drink! LOL. But I am thinking fall weather + butterbeer sounds like heaven! :)

  2. Liz, I completely agree about not wanting to drink anything hot. But after eating some hot buffalo wings Saturday night, the outside temps didn't seem so bad. ;) I think I'll have to work on perfecting the recipe so that the girls can enjoy the butterbeer in the fall too. :)

  3. I've heard everyone else say that the cream soda is the stuff to say. I've never tried making it myself though. I'm not a Harry Potter fan, actually, but you make butterbeer something I might have to try.

  4. Great work muggles. I love these Harry Potter recipes that are popping up.

  5. Dang,why didn't I think of this last weekend. I love your butterbeers, any plans of putting up your own "Leaky Cauldron?"

  6. YUM YUM! I haven't had butterbeer in way too long, wonder if the hubby would be up for it? Thanks for the idea!


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