Friday, July 22

Yep, still here...

Is it Friday already? Really? Are you sure?

Well, I guess ALL of you guys can't be wrong. So it must be me.

This week has been quite the adjustment for our family. Kyleigh started Kindergarten full time on Monday. On Tuesday, she started taking the bus to and from school. On Wednesday, she came home asking to buy lunch just like "all of [her] friends are doing". (Surely I thought I had a little more time before we hit the "But Mom ALL my friends have (insert object here), why can't I have one????". Nope.) Thursday she came home to a Gramma waiting for her. Who knows what today's arrival will bring with it.

While Kyleigh has been heading off to have a blast at school, Nate still trudges off to work every morning and these departures leave me with the cutest lil ladybug EVER at home. It has been somewhat quieter during the days. Odd. We've been keeping busy though, and have been doing our best not to over-do it in this oppressive heat. I think today is supposed to reach 103 degrees F. 

Today, Abby and I had lunch with Nate Scott--one of Nate's closest friends who also happens to be a co-worker. We went to Buffalo Wild Wings to eat and then Abigail and I dropped the guys back off at work. From there we went to Maggie Moo's that is nearby. It is so blazing hot that I really was craving a milkshake...or something of that chilly variety. I had only been there once and that was years ago. When we walked in, the place was set up like a Cold Stone Creamery. After tasting the Chocolate Peanut Butter ice cream with crushed Oreos on top, I'm left desiring the original. I really wasn't impressed by this ice cream joint and neither was Abby. She had a couple bites and declared "All done!" and was ready to leave. A 2-year-old, MY 2-year-old, refusing to eat ice cream??? With Oreos on it???? Oh my. Guess it'll be Cold Stone next time.

The week is coming to a close and it is Pizza & a Movie night. I'm also trying to get some themed days going. That is what I've been doing while not hanging out with my lil snuggle-buddy. So please pardon the MIA status for this week. I have still been working and with this first week of Kindergarten under our belts, it'll just get easier ::crosses fingers:: to get in more computer time. 

So I leave you for now (because I have to walk up to the bus stop to watch an itty bitty Kyleigh emerge from a huge yellow bus) with the promise to return later (yes today) with how the pizza went and the movie we watched....and hopefully a sinfully delicious dessert!

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