Wednesday, April 18

Let's just eat out...

     Today was Kyleigh's first day of track out and it wasn't all pajamas and movies. We started out with going to a couple grocery stores then going back home to grab a quick lunch and a power nap. Then we headed to my sister's softball games--it was a double-header. My mom had to leave early and so the girls and I decided to leave too.

     It was a good thing we did. We got home and had a fruit and chocolate plate before heading back out to Kyleigh's Garden Club meeting. The school club was meeting at a local garden store to learn about building terrariums. I might have mistaken the location of the store and driven us to the wrong place. Ooops. Luckily the place wasn't too far and we made only about 10 minutes late. Kyleigh was still able to catch the tail end of the directions. So the kids made their terrariums and then the girls and I went out to eat with our friends, whose daughter is in the garden club with Kyleigh.
Kyleigh & Chloe with their terrariums

     Then we headed home for baths and bedtime. *Whew* so you can understand why we went out to eat. haha

     As for earlier this week, Monday was kind of a throw-together with elbow noodles and a tomato sauce. Tuesday we had breakfast for dinner with crepes. Mmm So nothing too note-worthy yet this week, but it's been busy. :)

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