Thursday, August 18

Eggs Benedict Mini-Series--Week 4

This is it! The culmination of the first mini series! Hard to believe this is the fourth week already. 

So let's rewind a bit.

    The first week we learned that eggs Benedict is a specialty dish served for breakfast, or lunch, or even brunch. The dish starts with a toasted English muffin half that is then topped with a slice of ham, or Canadian bacon, followed by a poached egg, and finally topped with a healthy dollop of hollandaise sauce. 
    While the construction of the dish is pretty straightforward, the history behind it is not. And we'll leave it at that for the "sum up". 

    After learning about the components that make up the dish, it became time to examine the pieces. The second week we delved into the poached egg layer. We discovered a few different approaches, but all-in-all, it boiled (no pun intended, seriously) down to the same way. 
There were a few missteps but my egg poaching will improve the more I do it--as is the truth with anything. 

    Moving on to week 3, last week, we closely examined the hollandaise sauce. There was definitely not a shortage of recipes to go along with this week. The difficulty was choosing which one I was most comfortable with. In trying them out, I decided on Emeril Lagasse's hollandaise sauce.  

    Now comes the week to put it all together! The hubby couldn't have been more exicted--or more shocked that four weeks had passed. :) 

Armed with the recipes for poaching the eggs and creating a tasty hollandaise sauce, I set out to make eggs Benedict for the first time. 

Overall, I think it came together well. In a pan over medium heat, I sauteed the ham in some olive oil after making a smooth almost-frothy buttery hollandaise. While I was working the stove, the hubby was toasting the English muffins and setting the table for us.

I'll admit, Thing 1 (aka my oldest daughter) ate nothing but the English muffin. While on the other end of the table, Thing 2 (aka my youngest daughter) ate all her egg up and then asked for more, and then another. :)  My hubby not only ate all of his up, he went back for seconds.

It's a good bet I'll be making this again. The upside to this, besides full tummies, is that I'll improve my technique and the dishes will look better. :)

I truly hope that you enjoyed my first-ever Mini Series. I have enjoyed doing the research and experimenting.  :0) I am looking forward to the next series. What will the focus be? Check back to find out. ;) 

Enjoy your eggs Benedict!


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