Friday, August 19

A Little Out of Touch...You Would Be Too!

I was a bit absent from the blogging world this week. I actually took Thing 1 and Thing 2 to the beach. It was kind of our way of saying good-bye to my step-father's place at the beach. (He's not selling it...but it's not really a story to be shared as it's not my story to tell.) And what's nice about this place is that it is so disconnected from the world. 

    There's a tv, but no cable. Outlets (of course) to plug in my laptop, but no Internet. A kitchen, but no working oven. A bathroom, but a shower outside that you use instead. Paved roads, but you'd rather ride a bike. It's a place to go to slip out of the bonds that tie us down day-to-day. 

    It's on North Carolina's Crystal Coast. Hidden off of the main road, there is no way you could ever tell there is a small little street lined with double-wides that provide people an escape from the world. Standing on the beach with your back to the ocean, you still wouldn't be able to know about this street as it is hidden behind large dunes. Sound like a good place to escape?

We think so.

    When it came time to eat, the local fare left something to be desired--maybe I just didn't take the girls to the right places. Although I will say this, the ice cream place is still awesome. :) We had great beach weather and enjoyed spending time on the our own ways. Lil Abigail was terrified of the water but enjoyed playing in the sand...and yes, eating it too. Kyleigh loved running in and out of the waves, as well as sitting in the surf and letting the waves roll her around. I enjoyed watching my girls be happy.

Abby watching her sister play in the surf. Probably wondering what it is Kyleigh finds so fascinating about it...
Kyleigh about to be washed over by the breaking waves. I think this was probably her favorite part of our mini-vacay. Believe you me, it is not without good reason. The water felt fantastic! I could have laid there all day with her...

 And probably the most therapeutic thing to do at the beach -- bury your sibling! Yes, I would know. I tested this method of therapy a time or two on my own lil sis. ;) 

More pictures, and probably more little stories, are to come. For now though, it is time for sleep!


  1. Oh wow. Definitely "the" way to be out of touch. Hope y'all had a blast with all that sand, sun, and ice cream. Even if it was a sort of farewell.

  2. Thanks! We did enjoy the little getaway. And we made it home without sunburns--for me, that's saying something. :)


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