Friday, August 12

Pictures and a Coupon Offer!!

    There's a saying I'm sure we are all familiar with: You eat with your eyes. It is because of this that pictures are so important when writing about food--from blogs to cookbooks. But let's move away from food for a minute post. Pictures capture moments in our lives and are vital to remembering where we've been.

    Time flies since I've had my girls--my oldest is already 5 years old and in kindergarten with my "baby" already 2 years old! While I'm in the moment, I think that I'll always be able to remember exactly what is going on...but so much happens in life that we can't always remember everything without pictures. Luckily, I have more pictures than I know what to do with that chronicle the growth and experiences of my family.

    As part of the Foodbuzz Tastemaker program with KODAK Gallery, I was selected to create a FREE Quickstart Photo Book. How exciting! A new way to bring my pictures together in a way that everyone can enjoy--and that doesn't take weeks to put together like other projects, such as scrapbooks. 

Kodak Gallery - Celebrate your KODAK MOMENTS

    Making a Photo Book with Kodak Gallery, I was able to use the cool new Quickstart Photo Book features. I was in complete control of my photos and my project by being able to resize, move, rotate, and even overlay my photo images and text. All at the tips of my fingers with someone else putting it together for me!

    Now it's time to decide which pictures to compile into a keepsake book. My first thought was Summer 2011. But then it hit me--summer isn't over yet! We still have trips planned! So the book would be incomplete. My next thought was to chronicle the day the hubby and I, along with the hubby's parents, took the girls to the local kids museum. Then I remember just how many pictures I took...and 86'd that idea. :) 

    While I was thinking about a common theme for my Photo Book, I decided to get onto Kodak's website and get logged in. While I was registering, I discovered that pictures could be uploaded from Facebook! No way! I put ALL my pictures on Facebook to keep out-of-state relatives current with me and my girls! How perfect was this? On my Facebook page, I already have albums grouped together by seasons, or events. This way I was able to look through my already sorted pictures! Nice!!!

    With this convenient feature, I was able to decide what my pictures would revolve around--Fall 2010. 

    Let me begin by saying that fall in North Carolina is simply a beautiful time of year. There are so many things that are only open during this time of year, that there is not any shortage of pictures. So let me take you through the pictures I chose:

  • The Corn Maze! Sound easy? Check out the second picture--that is the design of the maze!

  • Then comes the NC State Fair in October! This is probably one of the most highly anticipated yearly events in my house. :)

  • It's around this time that the sea of pumpkins show up at the State Farmer's Market. The girls always look forward to seeing all the orange!


  • Halloween!

  • Thanksgiving (probably consider more winter, but still technically fall).


This is just a small taste of the pictures I used so be sure to check back for when I post about getting the Kodak Gallery Photo Book in the mail! 

While you wait, the folks at Kodak Gallery were generous enough to give me the opportunity to extend a savings opportunity to all my readers! Simply head on over to (be sure to use THIS LINK to take advantage of the offer) to receive 40% off of a medium hard cover or large Photo Book! Get one for yourself or put one together as a gift! Christmas really is just around the corner!

Hurry over using the link I provided before August 31, 2011! Enjoy!

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  1. What a sweet little photo book it will be! Gotta love fair pics and love the Halloween looks. Such sweet babies.


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