Sunday, February 6

And It's Goooooooood!!

    It is Super Bowl Sunday! Pre-game stuff starts at 2 pm and kickoff isn't until 6:30 tonight. Alright, baby goes down for her morning nap and the work commences. -- I don't think 'work' is a good term. I love being in the kitchen and was happy to be there Saturday and Sunday. But until I can think up a better fitting word, 'work' will have to do.
    I actually went to bed after midnight last night because I was working on the piggie cookies. First order of business was to finish them up because I knew it wouldn't take long at all. This would definitely be the quickest thing I did all day. :)

    First thing to share are my cookie designs. 

The Green Bay Packers Piggie Player

The Pittsburgh Steelers Piggie Player

    How did they turn out? Did they look even close to what I had intended? Let's find out!

First up, the Green Bay Piggie!

Facing off against the Packers Piggie, is the Pittsburgh Steelers Piggie! 

    I realize that these are not perfect and there are some major technical flaws, but c'mon! This is the most time I've ever spent decorating so many cookies. And they really are cute! :)

    Alright, desserts? Touchdown!
    The next drive is going for the pierogies. Hut-Hut-Hike!

    I was excited to hear an offer of help come from the living room. I enthusiastically accepted.
Go Team!

    I pulled out all of the prepped ingredients, plus everything else we needed. The hubby and I made an assembly line for the pierogies. I worked the dough and cut out circles (using a small drinking glass) and Nate was in charge of stuffing and boiling. Once I finished cutting out all the circles, Nate started sauteeing the pierogies in batches in a pan with chopped onions and butter while I finished stuffing and boiling. (We really do make a good team.) 

Once all the pierogies had been sauteed and plated, we needed a dip. We took some Greek yogurt, stirred in the sauteed onions from the pan, and some garlic & onion powders. Then that went into the fridge to give it a chance for the flavors to develop a little more.
    Pierogies? Another touchdown!
    The final drive of the game is going for the brats in blankets.
    Rolled out and cut up the crescent rolls. One batch had mustard and one did not--at Nate's request. The cut up brats and cheese got wrapped up together and placed on a pan then tossed into the oven.

    The cheese kinda oozed out, but that's how you know there is plenty--when there is too much to be contained. :)

    Talk about a game-winning lineup!

 All together now!


  1. I like your menu, something for each team. Your piggie cookes are so cute, and I be they tasted soo good!

  2. Looks awesome! Yum..I would go on both sides and just take a food! :))Delishhh!

  3. I think the Green Bay Packer pigs have the edge there! but I'd have to nibble away at the other side just to be fair. Looks great fun.

  4. What a great spread! I'll bet it was a great feast!


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